Common Challenges for Training Providers

We have worked with a range of online training providers, and we know that to efficiently manage and sell online training, there are specific challenges that must be addressed. In this section, we have outlined those common challenges, and we will show you the solutions Inquisiq provides.

Common Challenges:

Ease of use

Challenge: “I need a site that is very easy for my learners to use. They need to be able to quickly find a course, pay for it, and launch it – all in a couple of clicks.”

Solution: When a learner logs into Inquisiq they land on their “My Account” screen. This single screen contains easy access to every thing they need including all of their courses, earned certificates, profile, shopping cart (if enabled), calendar, and alerts.

Coupon codes and credit card purchases

Challenge: “My users need to purchase courses, or groups of courses, in the system with a credit card. I also need a way to have special promotions and discounts.”

Solution: The included eCommerce system and shopping cart within Inquisiq allows users to browse your catalog and select the courses they want to purchase. Selected courses placed into their shopping cart can be purchased using either a credit card or PayPal account. Inquisiq also has a built-in ‘Coupon Code’ feature to create custom discount codes which are used with the shopping cart to receive discounts. The discount codes can be limited to certain courses, types of discount, and limited number of uses.

Unique LMS instances for different clients

Challenge: “Sometimes I sell my courses to institutions, not just individuals, and these clients have supervisors that want to manage their learners, run their own reports, and even have their own branded LMS.”

Solution: Inquisiq provides simple tools for creating an LMS with customized branding, including the header image and footer information. Each LMS allows various levels of management, including group enrollment rules and reporting, for extremely flexible user administration.

Custom User Registration Forms

Challenge: “I need to create a custom registration form and capture special information. I also want the system to use this information to treat the user in a unique way – such as access to special courses, permissions, etc.”

Solution: Registration forms can be customized in almost limitless ways, to include minimal information or several additional custom fields. Enrollment rules can then be associated with the enrollment data. For example; users from one state are signed-up for the correct course, or learners are enrolled in the courses specific to their department.

User & Enrollment Based Pricing

Challenge: “I need a low cost pricing model that charges me when I make sales – and not only dependent on the number of user I have.”

Solution: The Inquisiq LMS pricing is flexible for your business in both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS – Hosted) and Installed (Perpetual) licensing. Recognizing the need to keep per-user costs low, we offer a “User & Enrollment Based Pricing” SaaS model that charges less for user accounts but factors in course enrollments. Alternatively, the SaaS solution is available on a more traditional “User Account Based Pricing” model as well.

Promoting, branding and tracking your LMS site

Challenge: “I want to be able to add a lot of promotional material to the site and have it branded to my identity. I also want to use Google Analytics be to track where my visitors are going.”

Solution: Custom branding is certainly an option with the Inquisiq LMS, as is a customizable Home page where you can add custom images and text. Custom style-sheets are also offered as an advanced feature. And you can quickly setup your Google Analytics account to track learner activity on most any page in your LMS account.

Integration with other systems

Challenge: “I have another website that contains a lot of my promotion and user registration information and I need to seamlessly integrate that system with the LMS.”

Solution: With the Inquisiq API, batch user creation, and HR integration, user registrations on your existing site can be blended with your LMS account. Your existing promotions and user database can remain intact while integrating those components with the LMS for a seamless sign-on experience.

Email notifications

Challenge: “I need to be notified automatically when someone purchases my courseware.”

Solution: Inquisiq is a perfect solution for hybrid training solutions. Within the LMS, you can not only upload your SCORM-compliant eLearning courseware, but also setup, track, and manage scheduled classroom and ‘webinar’ training sessions with features including learner enrollments, wait lists, add/drop features, and assign specific instructor profiles to any of those courses.

Customizable certificates

Challenge: “I need to award a certificate to anyone who completes my course, but it must by on my template and my certificate.”

Solution: Inquisiq includes robust certificate customizations, allowing you to use the provided templates or upload your own. Once the certificate image is selected, you can customize a large range of data to be displayed on the certificate itself- the only real limitation is how much information you want to include while keeping the certificate legible. Certificates may then be printed, saved, or viewed within the LMS.