An all-inclusive monthly Cloud solution based on your usage

Inquisiq R3™ is a simple to use but powerful learning management system (LMS) that gives you the ability to deliver SCORM-compliant content in both public and private environments. It is a straightforward, robust solution with an intuitive interface that allows you to organize courses, review reports, issue certificates and sell your content using a variety of e-commerce solutions.

Inquisiq R3™ is offered in both Software as a Service (SaaS) and Installed (perpetual license) solutions to best meet your particular needs.

The Inquisiq R3™ Software as a Service (SaaS) solution allows you to completely outsource your LMS application to ICS Learning Group. It is a pay-as-you-go all inclusive solution that includes the software, hosting, support and maintenance. With no software to install, you can be up and running in minutes. A $200 setup fee is all that is required to get your account activated and running with no long term commitments.

Inquisiq R3 SaaS Pricing Download Pricing Info for the SaaS Solution

The SaaS solution is available in the following two pricing models:

Pricing Option 1: User Account Based Pricing

The monthly fee is based only on the number of user accounts you have and allows unlimited number of course enrollments.

Inquisiq R3™
(per month)
User Accounts
(includes unlimited user enrollments)
Content Space
(additional storage space can be purchased at $10/GB/Month)
$200 1 to 50 500MB
$300 51 to 100 750 MB
$500 101 to 250 1 GB
$800 251 to 500 2 GB
$1,000 501 to 1,000 4 GB
$1,200 1,001 to 5,000 6 GB
$1,300 5,001 to 10,000 8 GB
$1,500 10,001 to 20,000 10 GB
$1,750 20,001 to 50,000 15 GB
Call for quote 50,001 + 20 GB +

Pricing Option 2: User & Enrollment Based Pricing

Recognizing the needs for our content resellers, or organizations that need to keep the per user costs low, we also offer a SaaS pricing model that charges less for user accounts but factors in the number of course enrollments you have. This solution allows you to have a larger user population but with a defined number of course enrollments.

Inquisiq R3™
(per month)
Included User Accounts Included Course Enrollments
(per month)
Content Space
(additional storage space can be purchased at only $10/GB/Month)
$200 0 to 200 0 to 25 500 MB
$300 201 to 300 up to 50 750 MB
$400 301 to 400 0 to 75 1 GB
$500 401 to 500 0 to 100 1.5 GB
$600 501 to 600 0 to 125 2 GB
$700 601 to 700 0 to 150 2.5 GB
$800 701 to 800 0 to 175 3 GB
$900 801 to 900 0 to 200 3.5 GB
$1,000 901 to 1,000 0 to 225 4 GB

1. The pricing level is based on the greater of the two (number of use accounts or number of course enrollments) for any given month. For example, a system with 280 users ad 20 enrollments in a month would be charged $300 (based on the number of user accounts that month), if a system had 280 users and 100 course enrollments in a month, it would be charged $500 (based on the number of course enrollments that month).

2. The User & Enrollment based pricing plan is limited to 1000 users and 225 monthly enrollments. Once a system has over 1000 users and the pricing automatically converts to the User Account Based pricing. Accounts with under 1000 users and over 225 enrollments are charged an additional $4 for each enrollment over 225.

3. Customers are allowed to move between the two pricing solutions provided that they have been in the current pricing model for at least 6 months and pay the one time $200 setup fee for the change.

Pricing includes the ability to make an unlimited number of branded Inquisiq R3™ LMSs under one account, althought there is a $200 one-time setup fee per LMS. For accounts to be combined, they must be in the save pricing model (User Based or User & Enrollment Based). Having multiple LMSs allows you to uniquely accommodate different clients and situations. Each LMS includes all administrative rights and privileges.