ICS Learning Group is much more than just the creator of the greatest LMS on the planet.

The company began over a decade ago as an eLearning courseware development organization. Our clients ranged from small to mid-sized businesses to a variety of publishers, associations, and government agencies. As we got to know our clients, we became intimately familiar with their training challenges and goals. While our initial focus was naturally on the training content and course development, we also started to get involved with all the issues surrounding training delivery. For example, clients needed their training to be targeted for certain employees based on their job title, or they needed to make sure the certification or compliance training was being properly managed and tracked. As we became increasingly involved in these aspects of their training programs, we started to see a recurring theme emerge. It became clear; many of our clients, and the market in general, were very frustrated and dissatisfied with the Learning Management Systems that were available.

We heard our client’s frustrations: the systems were large, non-standardized, and complex; they were full of underutilized, hard-to-use features; and the systems were generally bloated and expensive. To make matters worse, with all the cost and complexity, the systems could not satisfy some of their very basic requirements. This was our motivation to create a new LMS that focused on usability, smart easy-to-use features, and offer it in a price range that was affordable for small to mid-sized companies. In 2005 we released our first commercial LMS product – Inquisiq EX. Apparently we hit a nerve as the market responded and we immediately started winning over new clients and won four gold medals from Brandon Hall for our LMS innovations. We now have over three hundred clients, serving over 1 million users, and growing those numbers every month.

So, all of this is say, that we understand where you’re coming from. We love to get involved with our clients in ways that go way beyond just the LMS. We want to bring our many years of experience in the training business to bear on your challenges – whether you are a small company releasing a new training product, a corporate training department, or a government agency looking for a LMS to satisfy a specific project or mission – we can help you achieve your goals.

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